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Dan Fallon Biography

Dan Fallon (standing) and Walton Powell fishing on Fall River 1998
Dan Fallon (standing) and Walton Powell fishing on Fall River 1998

Fallon, 53 (2001), earned his associate's degree at San Mateo Community College, and bachelor's degree at California State University, San Francisco. He participated in the master's programs at San Francisco State and California State University, Chico.

Among his credits are: creator and host of the annual Connonball Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Mariposa Calif ; winner of two Golden Poet Awards, World of Poetry, Sacramento, Calif.; 1989-89; Editor's Choice Award, North American Open Poetry Contest, 1989 author of 15 poems published the last five years in either anthology newspapers or magazines; author of feature articles published inWestern Outdoors, Western Horseman and Appaloosa World; author of feature articles published in 25 newspapers in California and internationally; published in California History; master of ceremonies at the Yosemite 100-year celebration in Wawona, Calif., which was video taped and placed in the Smithsonian Institute's permanent archives; author of three major American plays in the last six years, two of which are currently in production; publicist for annual Mariposal County Pioneer Wagon Train, Mariposa, Calif.; speech writer and publicist for four major California and national political campaigns; comedy writer and performer in and around San Francisco and New York; and listed in 1990 Who's Who of American Poets for poem, "Dan Quayle." He was Chairmen of the South Lake Tahoe Arts Commission for three years  and in the early 1980s he ran for mayor of San Francisco.


Update 2017

Fly fishing world wide especially Alaska and small private waters from Vermont USA down to Cabo San Lucas have been a focus. Bamboo fly rods expensive and rare have been constant companions. Oil painting and super motorcycle riding in my home city San Francisco California have been continued life long passions.

My fly fishing column begun in 1999 has run almost continuously. Fly column will be published six times a year. On several occasions in last decade Quill fiction almost became a movie. Talks continue. Paris France and the small streams and creeks near the city have become constants. Traveling and fly fishing, taking photos, oil painting, chess are my usual activities as they have been since early 1950s.

"Adventures Of Fletcher Quill" has become one of the longest running fiction serials on the world wide web. As of 2017 the only long running fly fiction in the world. My life has been spent mostly alone fly fishing on many of the most coveted waters on planet Earth.


Dan Fallon


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