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Brian Wiprud lives in New York City and specializes in fly fishing for shad, pickerel and yellow perch. He has published angling articles in American Angler, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, NYPress, Fly Fishing Journal, Bass Pond, Fly Anglers On-Line, and Fly Fish America. Other publications featuring his work on other topics include Mercator's World, Tribeca Tribune, NYPress and the book Concrete Jungle (Juno Books.) He has a caper/crime novel coming out in April 2001 called Sleep with the Fishes. (Mobsters and fly fishing, available Spring 2001 at Amazon.com)

Brian's home streams are the Delaware and Connecticut Rivers, Pocono Mt. Lakes, Millers River (Massachusetts) and Deerfield River (Massachusetts.) He is member of the private hunt and fish club Porters Lake and a frequent contributor to the Virtual Flyshop bulletin board.

Brian Wiprud fly fishing in Kenya

"Fishing travel is a regular and necessary part of life, and I've angled Belize, Honduras, Florida, Costa Rica, Montana/Idaho, Kenya, Seychelles, Miramachi NB, Nouveau Quebec and the Bahamas. Did you know there's trout fishing in the Sudan? Bhutan? Hawaii? Madagascar? See you there."

"I spend two weeks every year just fishing for shad in on the Upper Delaware and Connecticut Rivers. If you see a red '63 Mercury Comet convertible parked by road or whizzing along NY97, that's me. (Not exactly everybody's idea of a fishing car, but it roll starts, is easy to fix, and with the top down, I can put the rods fully rigged in the back seat.)"

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