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George Anderson Biography

George began his fly fishing career in the Catskill mountains of New York. During his college years at the University of Colorado, George reputedly spent more time on the South Platte river learning the fine points of nymph fishing, than he did in business school.

During his college summers he managed a tackle shop in West Yellowstone, and it was a rare day that he didn't get in some fishing.

After graduating he spent six years with Dan Bailey's Fly Shop, leaving to open his own shop, the Yellowstone Angler, in 1980. George enjoys sharing his fly fishing expertise with others, and has authored many articles over the years that have appeared in Flyfisherman, Trout, Big Sky Journal, Saltwater Fly Fishing and several Scientific Anglers publications. George has appeared as a fly fishing celebrity on many television shows over the years including ESPN "Fly Fishing the World" shows, ESPN 2 José Wejebe's "Spanish Fly", and in 2000 and 2001 on Trevor Gowdy's shows about flyfishing Cuba's Jardines de la Reina on both OLN and ESPN 2.

An exceptional angler in both fresh and saltwater, George won individual honors at the Jackson Hole One-Fly in the only two years he fished in the event, 1989 and 1990, setting records for numbers of fish caught, on his own Brown Stone Nymph, that stand to this day. He has fly fished worldwide for a variety of fish in both fresh and saltwater, but his first love is flyfishing for tarpon.

He likes golf, alpine skiing, scuba diving, bird hunting, and fast dirt bikes and cars. He is lucky his wonderful wife Kitty puts up with all of this.

George at a glance

  • Born in Newburgh, New York
  • Naughty by Nature (Class A hell-raiser while growing up)
  • Scratch Golfer in High school & at University of Colorado.
  • Served as a weatherman for four years in the service, and miraclously received an Honorable Discharge from the USAF.
  • Business Major at CU
  • Ski Racer at CU
  • Motocross Champion, class A in Colorado.
  • Cross Country/Hare and Hounds class
    A and Vet Champion in Montana.
  • Raced twice in the Barstow to Vegas Desert Race, riding a Husqvarna 500 XC.
  • Enjoys riding his Ducati on the street.
  • Guided for 30 years
  • Fly Fishing Author of many articles on Fly Fishing Destinations and Fly Fishing techniques.
  • Has appeared as guest angler on more than a dozen various fishing shows on ESPN and OLN with hosts John Barrett, Trevor Gowdy, Jose Wejebe, and Jim McLennan.
  • Expert Fly Tier known for his original patterns like George's Brown Stone Nymph, Peeking Caddis, and the Anderson McCrab.
  • Leader Designer responsible for the Hot Butt, Clear butt compound tapered leaders as well as world class Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon Leaders.
  • Started Yellowstone Angler in the fall of 1979.  Built the existing Yellowstone Angler building in 1985.
  • Jackson Hole One Fly Individual Champion, two consecutive years, 1989 and 1990.
  • Accomplished Photographer
  • Hosts fishing and hunting trips around the world
  • Has a Serious case of Tarpon Fever
  • Has caught over 100 alligators and crocodiles on a fly rod!
  • Loves Bird hunting, SCUBA diving, Skiing, Surfing, Spring Creek Fishing, Fast Bikes and Cars, Fishing for Gators.

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