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Scott "Scotty" Howell Biography

Scotty's own words about himself:

I started fishing at the age of four under the watchful eyes of my Grandpa and Dad. My 'playground' was the Poudre river in Northern Colorado which yielded my first tussles with native Brown and Rainbow Trout and an instant love for river fishing and the outdoors.

Since moving to Washington State over twenty years ago, I've had the great fortune of living in a sportsman's paradise. I can immerse myself in year-round angling for just about any species of fish, hike the trails of Mt. Baker, and bow hunt for Elk and Deer in the Autumn...all while enjoying some of the most breath taking country God ever created.

Of course, even the most active outdoorsmen have "down time". I used to spend most of mine cleaning rods and reels, embellishing a story about "the big one that got away", or "organizing" my tackle box. These days I tie flies or immerse myself in any number of books and websites devoted to the subject. Marrying fur and feathers to a hook has become a real passion for me...so much in fact, that I'm spending more time at my fly tying desk than in my waders!

I'm a "rookie" when it comes to fly-tying. I got a Thompson A-vise about three years ago with the intention of using it as a "third hand" to repair some salt water gear and to make a Steelhead jig or two. It was a visit from a fishing buddy (Nate Bour, a great fisherman and snowboarder) that planted the fly-tying seed. Between his patient instruction and me breaking my working thread a dozen times, I managed to tie what appeared to be a Montana Stone Nymph.

I've learned much since Nate's visit...and I'm actually turning out a fair fly once in awhile. I wore out the cam on that old A-vise, and the modest collection of tools and hackle (which fit in a tackle box) has "morphed" into a NorVise Fly Tying System and an entire second bedroom dedicated to dressing flies. Even that second room is getting crowded...much to the delight of several local fly fishing shops and the raised eyebrows of my beautiful wife, Patty.

I'm always willing to exchange ideas, techniques, philosophies, and patterns. If I've gained anything from this wonderful hobby, it's that people, like yourself, are the best teachers, friends, and sources of inspiration.

I am your humble student and fly tying enthusiast.



Fly Tyer, Scott (Scotty) passed away January 26, 2008, after a courageous battle with cancer. He was living in Bothell, Washington, USA.


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